CUSTOM pillow cover

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do you have a sentimental shirt, blanket, or really anything that you want turned into a throw pillow? Or maybe just a cool shirt that doesn't fit you? Send it to me and let me turn it into a throw pillow cover!

-pillow insert is not included (it will fit throw pillows that are 18-20 inches)

-cover has a zipper so you can fill it with whatever pillow insert you like

-material must be at least TWO 20x20 inch squares or larger (most men's t shirts are big enough because I can use both sides)

-be sure to enter your email at checkout! I will send you instructions on how to send me your materials. You must pay for shipping to send them to me!

-please allow up to 3 weeks for production, but I will most likely have it completed within a couple days after it's delivered to me.