CUSTOM shorts (unisex, men's sizing)

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send me your old hoodies, t shirts, crewnecks, or really any fabric you want and I'll make them into patchwork shorts!

if you send me t shirts, I will line them with t shirt fabric unless you want them thin. The shorts include sideseam pockets and an elastic waistband and I topstitch all of the patches.

you must send at LEAST 2 t shirts, feel free to send more if you want them design blasted, or just send a plain one in coordinating fabric! (example pair is made from front and back of a harley shirt with double graphics and one large plain t shirt.)

once you purchase this listing, I'll email you with the address so you can send your materials to me. (you will have to pay to ship them to me.) MAKE SURE to enter your email at checkout so i can reach you!

if you have any preferences on how you want the shorts to look (a certain color or graphic you want on a certain leg, etc) you can send a note along with it. I will do my best to follow your preferences, but if it's not possible I'll use my own judgement to do what I think is best design wise. If no note is sent with the fabric, I'll design them however I think is best.

please allow UP TO 4 weeks after your materials reach me for production, but they will most likely be shipped out within a week or less of me receiving them.

shorts are more of a mens fit, but the model is a 5'4 (women's S/M) and wearing the mens M-L size for a more oversized fit.